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Magician's Rope (Sutterbee's Fine)! (Featured 10/24/2016)
High-quality, professional grade rope for magicians. Sutterbee's Fine Magicians Rope is a half-inch-thick rope with the core removed to produce a full, quarter-inch finished girth. A combination of... Details!

Easy Blood from Anything Anywhere Anytime (Scroll V) FREE with orders over $50*! (Featured 10/24/2016)
Introducing Easy Blood from Anything Anywhere Anytime! This is scroll number five in the Pro-Magic Wand Scroll series. Rolled up inside this Magic Wand Scroll is a devilish secret that empowers... Details!

Marble by, John Kennedy! (Featured 10/24/2016)
An ordinary glass marble rolls by itself like magic and finds a spectator’s chosen card! Details!

Flying Carpet Illusion! (Featured 10/24/2016)
Featuring NEW FAB 'Titan' Gimmick THIS ILLUSION IS SPECIAL ORDER. PLEASE ALLOW 2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. Flying Carpet Gimmick has been used by magicians worldwide - in the past it has been... Details!

Festival Magic by Kyle Peron (PDF)! (Featured 10/24/2016)
This 110+ page book is jammed full of the most relevant information you could ever ask for in regards to working not only festivals, but also how to work any festival or fair event. Festival Magic is... Details!

Mental Marker FX SPRAY plus Stencil Pack! (Featured 10/24/2016)
Now even the most intricate Ash on Arm designs are fast and easy to perform. Use the included stencil to create a stunning burnt prediction—Omen of Cinder—or invent your own with the bonus stencil... Details!

Magic Magazine June 2016! (Featured 10/24/2016)
The Magic of the Ed Sullivan Show Details!

Magic Magazine May 2016! (Featured 10/24/2016)
Paul Daniels: Audiences Liked Him… A Lot! Details!

The See Nothing! (Featured 10/24/2016)
Most magicians look for tricks. Others travel the world in search of magic. This is an extremely high-quality prop for the latter. The casual passerby sees nothing, but hardcore coin magicians, card... Details!

The Knockout Box! (Featured 10/24/2016)
Now you can purchase the Boxing Ring Undefeated ring box all by itself. The Knockout Box is an ordinary presentation box—meticulously gaffed and cleverly disguised—perfect for vanishing and producing... Details!
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