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SR9 Cloaking Fluid (Applicator Pen)! (Featured 4/24/2015)
Magicians have used black markers for years to camouflage "invisible" thread. The problem is markers contain solvents that weaken thread to disastrous extremes, and the brittle thread breaks during... Details!

Magic Magazine April 2015! (Featured 4/24/2015)
An Amazing Conversation with Johnathan Details!

Electronic Flaming Dove Pan! (Featured 4/24/2015)
This is the Ultimate Double Load Dove Pan! The dove pan can be shown empty and with a push of the hidden power switch, the pan will SELF IGNITE into flames like real magic! Your load pan will... Details!

Secret Magic V (This Product is Set to Private)! (Featured 4/24/2015)
Those in the know shop The Magic Depot! This item is actually a collection of several items available at a special price to newsletter subscribers. They know what these items are and what they are... Details!

Psychic Crayons! (Featured 4/24/2015)
A spectator freely selects a crayon from a box of 24 different colors. Miraculously, the magician is able to divine the correct color, every time. Great effect for adults! Can be used on their... Details!

Magic Magazine March 2015! (Featured 4/24/2015)
TV Magic in Reality By Alan Howard In the last quarter of the 20th century, the arrival of a magic special on television was not a common occurrence. Most were annual events, with few other... Details!

Diminishing Cards (Al Baker Style)! (Featured 4/24/2015)
Al Baker style DELUXE Diminishing Cards, back and better than ever! After performing a series of card effects, the magician begins to shrink a fan of cards. Just a light squeezing motion, and... Details!

Flip Over Box, Large! (Featured 4/24/2015)
A dwarf rabbit (or whatever else you wish) is place inside of the box. The sides drop and the load has vanished! The Effect can be reversed to re-produce the loaded Item. Many Uses! Appear... Details!

Mini See Thru Flip Over Box, Acrylic! (Featured 4/24/2015)
A silk, mouse or a hamster is placed into the box which has a see thru panel and once the cover is closed, the magician then spins the box causing both lids to open showing the entire box to be empty... Details!

Dove From Book! (Featured 4/24/2015)
High Quality Professional Apparatus Fantastic Opening Bit to Your Act!! Magician walks in front of his audience with a very nice book of magic. Stating he has learned a great magic trick from... Details!
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