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Old World MINI Chain Escape FREE with orders over $100! (Featured 8/2/2015)
(Choose a Savings Option at the bottom of this page, full price or FREE) Wear it. Perform it. Escape from the everyday! The Old World MINI Chain Escape is a bracelet, an anklet, and a Thumb... Details!

Feather Flower Bouquet Master Dart! (Featured 8/2/2015)
A multicolor Feather Flower Bouquet with a darted end to be used as Production items. The bottoms are weighted and contain a sharp pin, that helps them land straight up on the platform when thrown... Details!

Spy Coin! (Featured 8/2/2015)
During the Cold War, spies used hollow coins to pass secret messages, hide suicide poisons and smuggle microfilms without detection. While we don’t expect you to use this for anything like that, being... Details!

American Flag Production Banner (3x5 Feet)! (Featured 8/2/2015)
The easy way to add a full-size Stars and Stripes to your show. Simply fold, roll, or stuff this banner into the production device or drop of your choice. Produce it instantly! This American Flag... Details!

Wordless Bag! (Featured 8/2/2015)
The Wordless Bag is one of the most effective ways to present the Gospel to children. Based on the “Wordless Book” a bag is made to change colors as it is turned inside out, with each color... Details!

Guilt Is Gone! (Featured 8/2/2015)
Three silk-screened cardboard cards measuring 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" are shown. One reads PEACE, one reads JOY and one reads GUILT. The three cards are placed into a folder and the PEACE and JOY cards are... Details!

Pop Up Performers Table! (Featured 8/2/2015)
The POP-UP Performers Table is the perfect drop-well table for Manipulation Acts! The table is also a Carrying Case for your act. Just take it to the show, lay it on the floor and pop it open... Details!

Crazy Washing Machine! (Featured 8/2/2015)
Kids magic to the extreme. Performer drags out a funny looking box and claims it is a Crazy Washing Machine. “ You have to be crazy to use it………just the thing for me! This marvelous machine will... Details!

Magic Magazine June 2015! (Featured 8/2/2015)
David Stone Details!

Anima (Breath Of Life) Gimmick + DVD! (Featured 8/2/2015)
Experience "A Breath of Life." Experience Anima. With Anima, you can hand the object for close examination after your extraordinary performance. You'll perform it under any light condition with... Details!
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