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Crystal Drawer Box (3 Times)! (Featured 10/18/2017)
The magician shows a large transparent crystal box. A transparent drawer is opened and with a gesture, the interior of the box bursts into flames! When the drawer is closed, the flames vanish and the... Details!

Power Lady (Zig Zag Illusion)! (Featured 10/18/2017)
Zig Zag is the most recognizable illusion on the planet. This unit by Tora is one of the best versions on the market, with significant advances over the original. The modern industrial design is... Details!

Asrah Levitation and Vanish (Plus Table)! (Featured 10/18/2017)
Welcome to the main attraction! The centerpiece to any show, the pride of any collection. Your assistant lies down on the table before being covered by a large cloth. Slowly they rise, floating... Details!

Asrah Illusion (Tora Magic)! (Featured 10/18/2017)
One of the easiest illusions EVER! Yet, one of the most amazing. Simple. Spectacular. Beautiful magic at its finest. Your assistant is covered with a foulard. He or she begins to float, first... Details!

Fish Wishery Mirrored Aquarium Puck! (Featured 10/18/2017)
The wizardry from within The Fish Wishery—that magical mirrored aquarium puck—now available solo. With this disc-style aquarium, you can produce and vanish fish from any container in which it... Details!

Strange Brew! (Featured 10/18/2017)
Your coffee will never be the same again. Why? Because it’s not just a beverage any more. It’s a miniature theater where objects mysteriously appear and vanish, all under your complete... Details!

The Dance EXPANDED Third Edition by Brad Henderson! (Featured 10/18/2017)
Cold reading is a dance. Choreography invisible to the listener, leaving the audience unaware of the process, their memories rewritten to conceal the evidence. The Dance, by mentalist and hypnotist... Details!

The Most Extraordinary $10! (Featured 10/18/2017)
We like to reward our customers with incredible offers. And this is one of the best, MOST FUN ever! Select any one of the amazing products below from the drop down box. Ignore the retail price,... Details!

TRYlogy of Sands (Synthetic, Waxed, and Hybrid)! (Featured 10/18/2017)
Want to TRY Synthetic, Waxed, and Hybrid Sands of the Desert for yourself? Now, it's easier and cheaper than ever before! Each color is a different type of treated sand. Comes with about eight... Details!

PK PAD by Aaron Smith! (Featured 10/18/2017)
The PK PAD appears solid and seamless. Its rubber feet elevate the oak table topper proving there is no room for funny business. Except, hidden inside are two powerful slab magnets installed with... Details!
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