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Strange Brew

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Strange Brew

Your coffee will never be the same again. Why? Because it’s not just a beverage any more. It’s a miniature theater where objects mysteriously appear and vanish, all under your complete control.

Carry the secret gimmick in your pocket and deploy it in seconds, transforming your coffee into a cup of Strange Brew. Here's a sampling of the effects you will learn...

BAMBOOZLE: Ask a spectator to draw an image on a coin using a Sharpie marker. Say, “Make a simple drawing such as a circle, triangle, square, etc. You can even sign your initials if you like. And I want you to be the only person who knows what you draw, so don’t show it to anyone else.”

Now instruct him to place the coin on your hand with the mark facing down. Place your cup of coffee on top of the coin and explain, “The surface of this coffee is shiny like a mirror. I am going to attempt to make an image of your drawing appear in the coffee! Sound impossible? Watch...”

At this point everyone will be staring into the cup. “Does anyone see a faint image?” All of a sudden a coin rises up from the coffee like magic! Take it out and show it - it’s the coin with the drawn image!

BALANCING ACT: Explain that it’s possible with a lot of practice to balance a coin on top of coffee. Have a coin marked by a spectator and then take it and gently place it down flat on top of your coffee. Miraculously it balances! Say, “The slightest movement will cause it to sink.”

Ask someone to extend their hand, and carefully move the cup over. Give it a slight shake and the coin sinks down, then drops through the cup and lands on their hand! It’s the marked coin.

MIND MIRROR: Take any six cards out of a deck and have one freely chosen. Shuffle it into the packet and then lay the cards face down in a row on the table. “Do you have any idea which one is your card?” They don’t.

“Because I’m a magician I think I know which one it might be. But I’m going to take this a step further. I’m going to mentally project a number into my coffee. Are you ready?” While everyone’s looking into the cup the number three slowly comes into view and then fades away. It really looks weird! Finish by counting over to the third card. Turn it over and it is indeed the chosen card.

DECEPTION DICE: A card is chosen from a packet of six. The packet is then shuffled and the cards laid face down in a row on the table. Bring out a die from your pocket and explain, “This is a magic die. Your card is one of those six, but you have no idea which it is, right?" After they confirm, continue “When I roll the die it will always land on the number where your card is located. Ready to roll?”

When you roll the die, though, it suddenly vanishes! Say, “It’s a magic die and sometimes it vanishes and then reappears in strange places. Believe it or not, I think it’s in my coffee right now.” Everyone looks into the cup and slowly the die rises up with the number four showing. Take out the die and place it down, then count over to the fourth card. Turn it over and it is indeed the selected card!

SIGNED CARD AFLOAT: A card is freely selected and signed by a spectator, then returned to the deck. You shuffle the cards and then place the deck on top of your cup of brew. "Watch..." you say as you wave your hands over the deck. When you lift the deck, a folded card is seen on top of the coffee. Take it out and let the spectator unfold it - it’s their signed card!

CAFFEINE PENETRATION: Hold your cup of coffee and ask everyone to look inside. Now pick up a straw and magically push it through the bottom of the cup! Everyone will see it come right up through the coffee. Finish by pulling the straw back out. There’s no hole in the cup! The penetration also works with pens, Sharpie markers, and stir sticks.

John will teach you all of these routines and more on YouTube video that you can watch on your computer or mobile device. In addition to the Strange Brew gimmick you will also receive a waterproof folded Bicycle card gimmick (in both red and blue backs) and a waterproof number 3.

John also teaches you how to print any message, prediction, or image on your computer printer and make it waterproof. And how to waterproof a folded card gimmick from any brand of playing cards, just in case you don't use Bicycle cards..

Strange Brew is designed to work with the paper coffee cups used in Starbucks and other coffee houses. It also works with soda served in paper or plastic soda cups.

NOTE: Common craft supplies are needed to prepare some of the gimmicks.

Strange Brew
Strange Brew
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Strange Brew
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Strange Brew
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Strange Brew
Strange Brew
 •  Available!  • Shipping $5.90 or FREE on orders over $75!
Buy it Now! $59.95       

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