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NEW! Miracle Premonition by Steve Shufton

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Miracle Premonition by Steve Shufton

An open prediction like no other...

A pack of cards has been spread on the table. Next to the pack of cards is a matchbox containing a miniature playing card. The spectator is now asked to choose any one of the 53 cards in the pack and to name it aloud so that there is no possibility that he can change his mind.

Wouldn't it be an absolute miracle if the little playing card in the sealed matchbox is an exact duplicate of the playing card that has just been freely named?

An absolute KILLER that will fool the best of them and utterly amaze the rest!

No close-up psychic prediction test surpasses this one in impact, simplicity of execution and believability...

As I describe this little miracle to you, without any exaggeration, keep in mind that presentation and revelation possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Here is an example of the type of powerhouse routine Shufton's Miracle Premonition will provide for your arsenal:


The performer, while making no claims, explains the idea of psychic premonition - that it might actually be possible to accurately predict an event that has yet to take place. To demonstrate, the performer shows a mini playing card (just the back!) to be used as the prediction of a card the spectator has yet to select. (Instead of a mini playing card, the performer may openly write a prediction on a slip of paper to be folded and left in full view). The prediction might be put in a small envelope, or a rubber-banded matchbox (my favorite) or simply left in full view face down on the table. One way or another, the prediction is left in full view on the table (or a spectator's pocket!), and the performer emphasizes that it will not be touched again.

A deck of cards is removed from the card box and ribbon spread on the table, or spread between the hands. The cards are initially spread face down, as the performer explains that a magician will typically ask a spectator to select a card from a face down deck, and that this approach is hardly fair! After all, without seeing the cards, the spectator has no way of knowing if it was a free selection. The cards might all be the same, or the magician may be able to use some sort of trickery to influence the spectator in his choice!

The cards are scooped up again and re-spread FACE UP. The performer explains that by doing it this way, there is no conceivable way that the spectator could be lulled into selecting any particular card. He emphasizes that as the spectator can see, all 52 cards are there, and even a joker, so the spectator truly has a free choice of absolutely any card in the deck. The performer states that he will indeed try to influence the selection, but only by sending a mental picture of the card he has predicted. The images of the cards spread on the table are very helpful for that. He asks the spectator to very carefully look over all the cards, and whenever she feels that she has arrived at the card she wants to select, she should simply name it.

The spectator indicates a decision has been made and the cards are gathered up. The spectator is asked to name the card and look at it once more so there can be absolutely no mistake that the card she names and the card she saw are definitely the same card - she can still change her mind one last time! The cards are boxed and set back on the table.

With hands in full sight and no false moves of any kind, the matchbox is picked up and the rubber band removed. The spectator admits that the box has never been out of her sight. The hands are shown empty BEFORE the drawer is removed. The drawer is pushed open, and the miniature card is shaken out onto the table - the performer never touches it. The spectator verifies that nothing else is in the box and nothing went in or came out of it since it was originally sealed.

The spectator is invited to turn the card over with no interference from the performer. Guess what? The miniature card PERFECTLY MATCHES THE RANDOM AND FREE SELECTION!

OK. Isn't this one of the most cherished scenarios amongst us who do these mystical things? YES! But this amazing effect has some advantages worth considering:

This effect is completely self contained. It can be done anytime, anywhere, in short sleeves, and NO POCKET WORK. The hands and props NEVER LEAVE the SPECTATOR'S SIGHT. The spectator truly has a completely free choice of any of the cards, and the deck is full, including a joker with no duplicates. The choice is really free! NO FORCES of any kind!

Nothing extra is needed or used. Resets in a few seconds. No memory work. Easy to do and an absolute killer that will fool the wisest ones! Use a matchbox, an envelope or do it with no cover at all! Many revelations are included in the 32 page booklet!

Shufton's Miracle Premonition has been in development for over three years. No expense has been spared to furnish the highest quality product. Each takes hours of painstaking, meticulous work - so much so, that you will not find anything else like it, anywhere at any price!

Comes complete with everything you need, including that very special "something," and a 32 page instruction manual, featuring many routine ideas to get you started! Due to manufacturing constraints, this unique stunner will be released on a very limited basis.

Put a unique stunner in your arsenal that will give you that deceptive edge for many years to come!
Miracle Premonition by Steve Shufton
Miracle Premonition by Steve Shufton
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Miracle Premonition by Steve Shufton
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Miracle Premonition by Steve Shufton
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  • Miracle Premonition by Steve Shufton
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