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Street Magic Magazine August/September 2007

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Street Magic Magazine August/September 2007

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The hippest, hottest magazine on the market! Keeps you in touch with the magic word on the street. If you perform impromptu, at work, home, or on the streets, this magazine is your grail! The latest in tips, tricks, and the venues hottest acts! Stay in the know and up to date!

This issue is guaranteed not to disappoint! Listen to some special tips and tricks from the industries biggest busker, Eric Evans. He performs on streets all over the world. Possibly the most seasoned of his class, his new column is rightly called, "Word On the Street".

So you think that since you know how to bend a fork that you’re ready to take on the world? Get in line, I’m afraid. There’s someone in front who’s already on the verge. After some rough times and some incredible times, Morgan Strebler is now ready to take what’s his and has the chops, talent, look, and dedication to make it all happen. What you read inside will give you new found appreciation of ‘what it takes’ to make it in the world of magic.

Magic in Action- Learn how these tricks tested on audiences over the last couple months:

• Change Cap by Creative Magic
• Shoe Pouch by Eric Evans
• Sudden Deck II by David Regal

Page 69 you've GOT to see, The Inside Scoop with Cyril, What's Up with Andrew Mayne, De'vo is back with the Impromptu Bird Production and the first ever print publication of the Cobra Cut, and the Rant tears em' up.

Bound and determined to make this magazine a publication for the real magicians out there (i.e. people who actually perform magic for people as opposed to guys who just quote’n’post~ if you don’t know what quote’n’posting is then you better pick this issue up) we’ve put in more reviews for tricks that you’ll actually use and some reviews to prevent you from buying absolute crap. Combine that with some effects from the likes of Bill Abbott and Todd Robbins and you’ve got a couple amazing days of reading and learning ahead of you.

A magazine completely on the edge. You won't always agree, but you will form your own conclusions. That is what the magazine is all about. Letting you think for yourself, inspiring creativity in magicians everywhere!
Street Magic Magazine August/September 2007
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Street Magic Magazine August/September 2007
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Street Magic Magazine August/September 2007
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Street Magic Magazine August/September 2007
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  • Street Magic Magazine August/September 2007
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