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The Red Carpet by Jason Palter (Discontinued)

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The Red Carpet by Jason Palter (Discontinued)

Reserve Item Notice! As a convenience, you can reserve this item even though it's out of stock. It may be discontinued or just temporarily sold out. Reserve items do not qualify for a refund. If we can't ship it within one month, you'll receive a store credit for the full purchase price!

Discontinued: We no longer sell this product. If you purchase it, we'll simply give you an immediate store credit for the price of this product.

Society is obsessed with celebrities. Channel fame and be center stage with Jason Palter's The Red Carpet! It's an experiment in telepathy that rubs shoulders with all the big names!

From an incredible book of celebrity illustrations, the spectator is asked to select and mentally focus on a random star. But while blindfolded by The Red Carpet (actually a fabric bag that prevents peeking), you FAIL to reveal the famous mug shot!

After what appears to be a botched attempt at entertaining and mystifying the crowd, whip off the hood to reveal you have now transformed into the exact likeness of the chosen celebrity! A hilarious smash climax that will bring the audience to their feet!

In 1985, Ari Soroka's original routine caused such notables as Sid Lorraine and Howard Lyons to give a standing ovation! Now, Jason Palter takes this trick to new heights. Simple to learn and is easy to perform, The Red Carpet features hysterical commercial mentalism, honed through Palter's countless live performances.

• Simple and easy to do!
• Comedic pop-culture routine!
• A whole kit of do-anywhere magic!
• Beautiful film-reel a pleasure to own!

Jason Palter's The Red Carpet includes all of the props and gimmicks, an eight minute audience-tested script, performance DVD, and the sketch book of custom celebrity illustrations featuring a variety of international all-stars. Forty priceless prints admiring the rich and famous!

Shipping Notice: Because of dimensional weight, this item does not qualify for free shipping. Add it to your cart, checkout, and we will contact you with the actual shipping charges before the package is dispatched. This applies to both international and domestic orders.
The Red Carpet by Jason Palter (Discontinued)
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The Red Carpet by Jason Palter (Discontinued)
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The Red Carpet by Jason Palter (Discontinued)
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The Red Carpet by Jason Palter (Discontinued)
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  • The Red Carpet by Jason Palter (Discontinued)
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