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Hippity Hop Rabbits (Stage)

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Buy it now for only $54.95
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Hippity Hop Rabbits (Stage)

Laughter, Surprise and Fun are words commonly used to describe Hippity Hop Rabbits. Children scream "Turn them around" - Adults laugh 'til their sides hurt - And at the end there is absolute silence when the surprise ending occurs. This is followed by a huge round of applause - of course. This effect is perfect for magicians, clowns, mimes, storytellers and other children's variety entertainers as well. This stage size Hippity Hop Rabbits is easy to do, self working and requires no sleight of hand.

The magician displays two rabbits, one white and the other black. He places a white cover over the white rabbit and a black cover over the black rabbit. The magician turns both covers around to show the white cover is white on both sides and the black cover is black on both sides. The magic word is chanted, and when the covers are removed, the white rabbit is in the black cover and the black rabbit is in the white cover. The kids are impressed. So the magician continues - believing that if once is good, two times are better.

Again the magician covers the rabbits. As before the white cover goes on the white rabbit and the black cover goes on the black rabbit. Again the covers are turned around to prove they are the same on both sides and it would be impossible for the magician to switch them. But as before, the white rabbit is found in the black cover and the black rabbit is found in the white cover. At this point the kids believe they have figured it out. They think both rabbits are white on one side and black on the other, and the magician is just turning them around.

The magician pretends to not hear the kids yelling and one last time runs through the whole routine again. By now the kids are screaming at a fever pitch. The magician finally acknowledges the kid's screams about turning the rabbits and covers around top to bottom, the kids yell - "No, The other way!". Now the magician turns them left to right. Again, the kids yell - "No, The other way!". Again and again, the magician turns the rabbits every way but the right way. The kids are so frustrated by this point, they are in a frenzy.

Finally the magician realizes that the kids want him to turn the rabbits so they can see their back side. When the rabbits are turned around, one is found to be red and the other yellow. The kids are so startled, they become immediately silent. Honestly, many times when I perform this, you could hear a pin drop on the floor. This is where the applause kicks in and you instantly become the hit of the show!

Hippity Hop Rabbits are bright and colorful. The rabbits are a huge 12 1/4 inches tall, complete with attached wooden base for ease of setup at your show. The tastefully decorated covers are sturdy metal.

Shipping Notice: Because of dimensional weight, this item does not qualify for free shipping. Add it to your cart, checkout, and we will contact you with the actual shipping charges before the package is dispatched. This applies to both international and domestic orders.
Hippity Hop Rabbits (Stage)
Hippity Hop Rabbits (Stage)
 • Customer Reviews: Hippity Hop Rabbits (Stage)!
Hippity Hop Rabbits (Stage)
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Hippity Hop Rabbits (Stage)
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!– Matt Stevens
This is a really nice set of rabbits. The effect is, as always, wonderful. The rabbits are beautiful and work nicely. Highly recommended.
Hippity Hop Rabbits (Stage)
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!– Jan Schmidt
I received a broken rabbit so I have not been able to perform the trick. I mailed about the problem, and got the reply that I would get a replacement resent. However I haven't received it yet.
Hippity Hop Rabbits (Stage)
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!– Micheal McRea
What can I add to the description above.....HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!!! If you do Kids Shows,this is a MUST HAVE effect.(it's even fun to perform ) I even perform this at some of my Adult Shows,( to show what their kids will see when they hire me for a Birthday Party ), a great selling point,I may add. Pros: Highly entertaining, A well made product ( If you do bigger venues, the Larger size may be a better buy,...but I have used this Stage Size at an Hjgh School auditorium with 500 spectators with no problems. ) Cons: On several occasions,I have had a child run up around me,to"see" what's going on and spoil the finish ( make paremeters )And lastly,try to be aware of whom you've shown this to,as little johnny will enviarably shout out the climax.
Hippity Hop Rabbits (Stage)
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Hippity Hop Rabbits (Stage)
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  • Hippity Hop Rabbits (Stage)
     •  Available!  • Dimensional Weight: Shipping charges apply.
    Buy it Now! $54.95       

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