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The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!
I.T.R. Boss with Kevlar Thread

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I.T.R. Boss with Kevlar Thread

Reserve Item Notice! As a convenience, you can reserve this item even though it's out of stock. It may be discontinued or just temporarily sold out. Reserve items do not qualify for a refund. If we can't ship it within one month, you'll receive a store credit for the full purchase price!

Now Available!    After extensive research and development we are ready to release the 2005 Series Kevlar Invisible Thread Reels.

All Models feature adjustable Tension and an expanded retraction distance of about 30% more then the prior models.    This equals less breakage and a nicer tension on the thread.    Making our Reels better then ever!

Things just keep getting better and better!

Why do we still manufacture the Standard ITR when we have all the others that are smaller and more convenient?

Well the reason is simple… This Reel offers advantages over    the others that can not be duplicated when we shrink down the size.

We have been unable to successfully duplicate some of the features that this reel offers in many of our other models.    So therefore we still manufacture it and we still sell a surprising volume of this particular model.

It is a great starter Reel for the beginner,    the parts are all larger and this makes it far easier for people who have a hard time seeing the smaller parts.    The 2004 version of this Reel is really easy to work on, a bright six year old could successfully learn to use and fix this particular reel it really is that easy.

The best feature that I like is that it has a far slower retraction then the other models.

Well, why is this important?    For my performance of the Floating Bill, I make the bill Float all the way down to the floor and due to the nature of this particular model, I act like I am causing it to slowly levitate from the floor back up to my hand. As seen on the Easy to Master Thread Miracle Video’s with Michael Ammar.

This is accomplished by making my hand movement match the rate of speed of the ascending bill.    This looks very magical and will create the illusion that maybe there is a string between your hand and the bill, but then this theory is dispelled when you lower your hand and the bill remains floating.

The 2004 model also features adjustable tension and you get a retraction distance of around 20' with this particular model.

TThe Reel is 2.25” long and 5/16”dia.

The Reel contains a decent quantity of our Kevlar Invisible Thread. Approxiamately 80'.   

All Sorcery Reels also come with a Lifetime Guarantee against Manufacturer defects. You may always send it in for a repair, just include a few bucks for return postage and you are all set!

 Imagine being able to borrow a dollar bill from a spectator, then balancing the bill on your outstretched palm.    With no hesitation on your part, you place your finger on top edge of the bill while it magically clings. You immediately remove your other hand leaving the bill clinging to your finger in an inexplicable way.

You move your finger back and forth and the bill stays with your finger yet this seems entirely impossible?    Why? Because you immediately remove your finger and the bills stays once again balanced on your palm.

Thus proving that it could not be anything sticky on your finger!

Now the bill slowly rises above your hand, you pass your hands over and under the bill while it is floating.    Now for the most amazing part of all, you walk away, leaving the bill suspended in mid-air, you could not possibly be connected to it!

Now wait!    It gets even better, the bill slowly and mysteriously floats down to the floor and then without moving a muscle the bill floats back up to your awaiting hand!

This is the exciting routine you can perform with the Standard ITR!

“What you receive is a thread reel which spools out and takes up invisible thread perfectly.    No motors and only one moving part makes this something special.    If you’ve used any other thread device, give this one a try and see what you’ve been missing!”
- Michael Weber –

“A bargain for the price!!    A practical and ingenious design that makes incredible magic possible in a non-intimidating way.”
- Michael Ammar-

“You have the “REEL” work on the thread system.    Best I’ve never seen J Would not have considered thread work until now!”
- Roger Klause-

I.T.R. Boss with Kevlar Thread
 • Customer Reviews: I.T.R. Boss with Kevlar Thread!
I.T.R. Boss with Kevlar Thread
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I.T.R. Boss with Kevlar Thread
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!– Charles
I purchased a I.T.R. Boss with Kevlar Thread reel. It worked real good for the first three times I used it. I was very careful not to break the thread, but it broke anyway. Now I have to fix it.
I.T.R. Boss with Kevlar Thread
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!– Nico Haupt
Fast shipped to germany in 8 days! the ITR-Boss arrived! This is eventually the best ITR you can buy. ´Cause of the kevlar, the thread is very thin and strong, the reel retracts the thread very softly and silently. The Boss itself is very small but contains enough thread to use it close-up and stage. I perform Einhorn´s "Spooked" with it. A great routine, eventually the best Haunted Deck. At the end I can say, that the service was great, the product is of high quality and I have a lot of fun with it. Thanx Aaron!
I.T.R. Boss with Kevlar Thread
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!– Truth96130
This is a excellent product. Use it wisely and you can amaze people. One guy said to me after I did a trick with it “you’re a magician man”. He really thought I had powers. I maid up a levitation routine using it that requires NO reset at all! That’s awesome. The only downside to it (and its not much of a downside) is that you need to be at least 5-7 feet away form the spectator so they can not see the thread. If the lighting is dime you don’t need to be so far away. Otherwise its incredible what you can do with it. Just get creative and see what wonders you can pull off. I would explain my no reset routine but this is just a review. With a little thinking you can figure this great product out to make wonderful things happen. Its my first reel and I feel like it’s the best. If the thread breaks, they tell you to plug one hole with the sides and put your mouth on it and suck it out the other hole. That’s strange and it really didn’t work for me. The best way is to first find some loose thread in the real. 2. move the wire around under the loose thread and lift the wire and the thread out. Put some magicians wax on the part you pulled out and slowly pull on it not braking it. When you get it to pull out and retract then cut off ant access thread attached to the wax. This is the first time I did this and it wasn’t that hard. Just be really careful. You don’t want to break it. Be really careful. Don’t break the rubber band inside, it looks next to impossible to replace. If used right you shouldn’t ever break it any way.
I.T.R. Boss with Kevlar Thread
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!– Federico Arnulphi
This is the best ITR ever!!!,,,, The size, the thread, every thing!!!, i should´ve buy one more... Other great prop is that its really easy to fix it when the thread breaks!.... Im From Argentina and the products were here in less than 10 days,, for those who are from other countries and they are afraid of buying magic from the net, i have one thing to tell them!!! BUY IN THE MAGIC DEPOT,, they will answer any question you have, they will make you feel at home... Thanks Aaron, Thanks to the Magic Depot
I.T.R. Boss with Kevlar Thread
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!– Christopher Mack
I have about 8 different thread reels right now. These are by far the best. The kevlar thread is almost indetectable if I have a patterned or dark shirt on and any shade. As long as a light is not shinning directly on it, it is all good. I wear 2 when I perform because thread can break and I can reset it but need about 10 seconds of privacy to do it. Great item for any thread worker, well worth the cost. Other places I have seen this same item for $20 more.
I.T.R. Boss with Kevlar Thread
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!
best i t r ever for such a little price too. Highly recomended
I.T.R. Boss with Kevlar Thread
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  • I.T.R. Boss with Kevlar Thread
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