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Card Secrets Unlocked by Duffie

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Card Secrets Unlocked by Duffie

Over 60 pages containing 20 card secrets UNLOCKED! Includes an awesome prediction with business cards and reveals two underground stacked decks! This brand new illustrated e-book is packed with some of the finest magic available. Peter Duffie’s clear and concise writing style provides an easy-to-follow guide. You’ll find all the great tricks listed below PLUS helpful tips and nuances that will affect your magic throughout.

CRYSTAL CLEAR TRANSPO The classic transposition between two cards placed on the top and bottom of a glass. No duplicate cards are used.

A ROYAL ENIGMA Based on "The Vernon Card Puzzle" in Early Vernon (1962). It was inspired by Peter Kane's "Royal Families" in A Further Card Session (1975) and by Roy Walton's "Split Up" in The Complete Walton Vol. 2 (1986).

MORE ROYAL ENIGMATICS Can be used as a Follow-up routine to the previous effect, or a stand-alone trick. Based on Roy's "Happy Families" in Some Late Extra Card Tricks (1975), also in The Complete Walton Vol.1 (1981).

MEXICAN EXPANSION You lay three cards in a face down row on the table. These are a prediction. A card is now freely chosen from the deck – no force. The three cards are now turned over: the first card is a SPOT card - the second card is a Diamond – the third card is a Nine. Therefore, you say, the card chosen must be the Nine of Diamonds? It is. Not the same as the version published on this website.

LEAD-IN 'The Spectator Cuts The Aces' has always been a favourite of mine. This version is designed as a lead-in for any four Ace trick that requires the usual 12 cards, and there must be hundreds that fall into that category This particular version is based on a Marlo method which used the lap. No lapping here!

ON A ROLL After selecting a card, a spectator cuts the deck into three piles. The top cards of these piles are shown to be three Jacks! Where is the missing Jack….it’s his selection, of course.

A GREAT DEAL OF THOUGHT Two selections = one discovery and one surprise.

A SHADE INEXPLICABLE You lay out 8 business cards numbered 1 through 8 on the table. A spectator slides out any five cards - no force. You have predicted the outcome!

MUCKY HANDS A pseudo-explanation of hand mucking in which 4 completely blank cards transpose with 4 Kings that are in your wallet.

AS EASY AS A.B.C. A spectator shuffles the deck and cuts it into three piles, then he shuffles each pile. He now picks up one of the piles and holds it in his hands. You and another spectator each take one of the remaining piles. You both input data, and that is, the complete alphabet, A to Z! Both piles now reveal the number of red and black cards that are in the original spectator's pile.

SHORT SHARP SHOCK SHARPENED This short, simple but effective colour changing pack is an improved handling of that which I published in Contemporary Card Magic (Martin Breese, 1984). The original version had an awkward discrepancy where the last card dealt during the 1st selection process immediately appeared as the face card of the deck for the 2nd selection process. It has only taken me 21 years to eliminate this problem! Sometimes the simplest solutions are the hardest to find.

A 'LESSEN' IN DISHONESTY A spectator takes a portion of the deck, cuts it and places a card, unseen, into his pocket. He now eliminates all but two cards. The remaining two cards are used to designate a SUIT and VALUE. These two components accurately reveal the card in the spectator’s pocket.

U. D. ASSOCIATES A spectator finds two matching mates without knowing how.

ONLY A GAME Tricks with the Down Under deal are generally considered boring by the magical populous. I cannot disagree with this where a large number of cards are involved, or the performer repeats the procedure four times to arrive at the four aces. Let's face it, the Down Under has to be the least interesting thing imaginable for any audience to sit and watch. However if the number of cards is few, and two spectators are asked to partake in a little game of chance, with the performer simply standing by we may have a trick with audience interest.

SLY ACES A card is chosen and lost back into the deck. Removing the four Aces, you clearly show that all four Aces are face down. Suddenly, the red Aces magically turn face up between the blacks! "The red Aces appear to be quite talented. Let's test them further." You place the red Aces.

ORBITAL STACK This is a simple rotational stack - like Stebbins or Eight Kings - where the deck can be cut and the bottom card tells you what the top (next) card is.

MAGNUM STACK Another simple rotational stack - like Stebbins or Eight Kings - where the deck can be cut and the bottom card tells you what the top (next) card is.

MIRACLE THOT! This trick was marketed in the 1990's. It is no longer available and I offer this to you as an extra to the e-book. You bring out a BLUE backed deck of cards. In performance the colour of the backs would never need to be mentioned - I do that here so you may follow the effect in your mind’s eye.

You fan the deck of cards faces outwards and invite a spectator to merely think of any card. You now give the deck to the spectator - you never touch it again. Nothing is secretly added or removed from the deck.

After failing to read the spectator’s mind, you explain that your psychic ability is actually in the field of Prediction. At that, you hand another spectator a sealed envelope.

The first spectator goes through the deck and removes the card he is thinking of. There are no duplicates to be seen. NOTE that the prediction envelope is out of your hands BEFORE this spectator reveals the card he is thinking of. It might be the Queen of Hearts.

The second spectator opens the envelope and pulls out a single playing card - it is the Queen of Hearts!

BUT there is one final kicker! You ask both spectators to turn their cards face down. Astonishingly, the thought of card has a RED back (remember the deck’s blue and you now spread it across the table to show this fact), and the prediction now has the blue back. A remarkable conclusion to a remarkable trick!

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Card Secrets Unlocked by Duffie
Card Secrets Unlocked by Duffie
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Card Secrets Unlocked by Duffie
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Card Secrets Unlocked by Duffie
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  • Card Secrets Unlocked by Duffie
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