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Six Card Repeat

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Six Card Repeat

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Great club or stage magic!

Six cards are counted off and three are thrown away. When the cards are counted again, there are still six of them! Repeat as many as four times, and each time the magician ends up with six cards.

Six Card Repeat
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Six Card Repeat
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Six Card Repeat
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!– Wilhelm Eberhard
I love sleight of hand magic. However, spectators love this trick. I once won an award in a stage magic competition because of the spectators' reactions I got presenting this simple self working routine. And I would have never got the same reactions with a sleight of hand performance, because, this routine is so simple to perform, that you can focus all your attention in entertaining the spectators. Have you noticed jugglers don't look at the audience? This is because they need to watch their props. The same happens with complex sleight of hand, you cannot focus on spectators. If you excel at story telling and/or showmanship, if you are good at looking at people in the audience and smiling to get them smile back at you, if you work on stage for many people... This routine will let out the best in you. If you are clumsy at communicating with the audience, and you are good with your hands, then do a silent fan production act. This is a routine to free you from thinking of what you do with your hands, and let you focus on communication and charming the audience.
Six Card Repeat
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Six Card Repeat
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  • Six Card Repeat
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