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Genii Magazine March 2007

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Genii Magazine March 2007

Bring March in like a lion with this rip-roaring issue of Genii Magzine!(March 2007) Richard Kaufmann finally nailed down an interview 7 years in the making. A funny and entertaining interview with Patrick Page is this month's cover story. Flip it over and check out our new back cover ad!

The Australian Society of Magicians celebrated its 100th Anniversary this year. These pages show the Super-Convention the Aussies put together! Look and see 100 years of magic down under! Eugene Burger continues his series, "The Showmanship Interviews," this time coaxing some extremely fine advice for all performers from Lance Burton.

The Ultimate Magic Show! Mark Phillips introduces you to Danny Orleans and John Railing. Wait until you see the partnership they worked up with Scholastic publishing. The magicians and kids all over the world score big!


Tricks you can learn:

• Inflation by Guy Hollingworth
• Mixed Blessing by Shiv Duggal
• Palmentalism by Max Maven
• Hidden Gems: The Flip-Over Locator by Harry Lorayne
• Language of Illusion: Mascot Moth by Jim Steinmeyer
• The Showmanship Interviews: Lance Burton by Eugene Burger

Light From the Lamp

Tricks Reviewed by David Regal

• “Linking Laces” by Paul Harris, David Jockisch, William Goodwin
• “Shaker” by Rodger Lovins
• “Star Trick” By Lee Earle
• “Emergency Cash” by Steve Shufton
• “The Wiz” by Philip Phillips/World Magic Shop
• “Manipulation CDs” and “Live Magic”
• “Laser Anywhere DVD” and “Live Magic” (Volume Two) by Adrian Man
• The Magic Enhancer CD—Volume 1 by Robert Haas
• Holey Shirt by Joe Russell
• Postal! by Lee Earle & Larry Becker

Videos Reviewed by Dustin Stinett
• CoinOne by Homer Liwag
• Dan Tong: Finally! 50 Years of Magic Volume I and II by Dan Tong
• Slydini Lecture by Jim Cellini
• Larry Jennings: A Private Lesson by Larry Jennings

Books Reviewed by Jamy Ian Swiss
• Salon de Magie by Ken Klosterman with Gabe Fajuri
• Psychological Subtleties 2 by Banachek
• Thoughts So Far by Kennedy

Another issue cram-packed with the latest in magic, coupled with interesting tidbits of history to keep us rooted in our art. Stay up to date and in the know! And don't miss our ad on the back cover!
Genii Magazine March 2007
Genii Magazine March 2007
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Genii Magazine March 2007
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Genii Magazine March 2007
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Genii Magazine March 2007
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  • Genii Magazine March 2007
     •  Available!  • Shipping $3.50 or FREE on orders over $75!
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