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Magic Manuscript Frank Brents Edition

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Magic Manuscript Frank Brents Edition

Limited Amount of Copies!
Don't Miss out on this amazing Issue! Own your piece of Magic History Today!

What's Inside:

Jay Sankey's Inquiry #9 - "SadoMagicism"
"SadoMagicism - An Inquiry Concerning Power" - Jay continues his philosophical and psychological questioning series with a look at the power of magicians and how we are using this power.

The Best of Paul Harris
"The Ultimate Rip-Off," an early P.H. classic, allows you to perform the torn and restored playing card effect, using only one playing card!

Michael Ammar's Back To Basics
Award-winning Michael outlines how we can make 1985 a "Quantum Lepa Year" - a year full of rewarding and advancing progress in our pursuit of being succesful magical artists.

Frank Brents Feature
Frank Brents, "America's Favorite Black Magician," has been a succesful, full-time professional magical performer for decades. Few within the field have heard of him - and here's his story by jennifer Ward Spina, complete with full color photos.

Of Museums, Elephants & Magic
"The Lincoln Center Exhibition" - at New York's famous Lincoln Center, a rare and spectacular magic exhibition was created and displayed.

How To Put Music In Your Act
Chris Carey's super-practical and informative features continue! Here's Part One of an intensive discussion on the use of music in the performance of magic - essential information for performers.

This issue is from March/April 1985 and is already a collector's item. There is much to be learned from this magazine for young and old magician's alike!
Magic Manuscript Frank Brents Edition
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Magic Manuscript Frank Brents Edition
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Magic Manuscript Frank Brents Edition
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Magic Manuscript Frank Brents Edition
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  • Magic Manuscript Frank Brents Edition
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