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Magic Seen Magazine Vol. 1

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Magic Seen Magazine Vol. 1

Great new Magazine from the U.K.

Here are a few snippets from Issue One features...
Derren Brown - The Only International Man of Mystery

The magicseen editorial team has been viewing all Derren Brown's TV productions so far and have compiled a chart of Derren's top ten effects. These are only our opinions, so don't start writing in to complain!

But first, a few words about the mysterious man that all men want to be like, and all women want to go out with…

Unpredictable, unorthodox, and some say, 'down-right sexy!' But enough about our editor Mark Leveridge, let's talk about the man who has had the biggest impact on the UK magic scene since we don't know when! We're talking about Derren Brown of course.

Born in Croyden, Surrey on February 27, 1971, Derren studied Law and German at the University of Bristol. After performing a more traditional magic act, he saw stage hypnotist Martin Taylor in action and duly changed the direction of his career. The first show he ever did was a hypnosis act, performed at his student hall, while he was studying law. It "was dreadful", went on too long, and his mum, a former model, ended up joining in because she felt sorry for him.

His big break came in 1999 when comedian and expert card man Jerry Sadowitz recommended him to Channel4, who were after a British answer to the iconic David Blaine. Originally, the superb magician and actor, Andy Nyman had been asked to film a pilot show, but was unable to do so because of prior acting commitments. Derren's own pilot show proved to be a critical success, and also did well in the ratings. Further programmes were then commissioned - and Derren Brown has subsequently become a major star,
with the likes of Penn & Teller singing his praises.

The last few years have been brilliant for both Derren and UK magic fans, as his critically acclaimed TV series and one-off specials have been a major influencing factor in helping more magic programmes to be commissioned by all the major TV and Satellite stations.

B*gger Me It's Magicomedy

In 1990, after 50 years of performing their 'Magicomedy' act around the county's music halls, social clubs and retirement homes, disillusioned illusionists The Amazing Syd Selby and Fanny said farewell to the world of showbiz. But now, the Manchester based duo are back with their own peculiar brand of entertainment - and have a few bones to pick with a certain TV magician and his wife. We sent Graham Hey to meet the old pros

The Secret World Of Ali Cook & Pete Firman

Ali Cook & Pete Firman, one half of Monkey Magic launch their new series: The Secret World of Magic on Sky TV in April and from what we've seen, it's a belter! Ali & Pete take us on a personal magical mystery tour around the globe meeting their magic heroes and revealing the true stories behind some of the World's most fascinating tricks and illusions.

The series, produced by Objective Productions has given them the freedom and opportunity to reveal more of their own characters, and it makes the world of difference. Totally at ease in front of the cameras, the likeable pair produce a hugely enjoyable romp and are not afraid to laugh at themselves. This stylish and immensely entertaining series is just what we've been waiting for.

magicseen chatted to the affable pair and discovered that both of them are pretty normal. But of course, we had to say that for legal reasons!

Magic Seen Magazine Vol. 1
Magic Seen Magazine Vol. 1
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Magic Seen Magazine Vol. 1
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Magic Seen Magazine Vol. 1
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Magic Seen Magazine Vol. 1
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  • Magic Seen Magazine Vol. 1
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