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Killer Red Caps

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Killer Red Caps

Devastating Professional Close Up Mentalism

Imagine this…there are five ordinary red caps on the table. They not only look like something you would see everyday, they are! In fact, the audience can examine the caps forever…they are not gaffed in any way. But the secret allows you to perform classic divination better than ever!

The Killer Red Caps comes complete with five Red Caps and a 16 page instructional booklet. Check out the reviews.

Next to the caps are three objects…a grape Lifesaver, a cherry Lifesaver and a quarter. A spectator takes any one of the objects and hides it under any one of the caps. They can even mix up the caps before or after the object is hidden! Now they pick up the remaining two objects, one hidden inside of each hand. Now you do the impossible! The first effect is for you to locate the cap the spectator hide the first object under…and you can divine which object is hidden! The killer is you can also divine which object they are holding in each hand!

Here’s another way to use the caps. On a piece of paper draw five small circles. Next to each circle write the name of a fabulous destination for a second honeymoon. Borrow a wedding band from a husband, turn your back and have his wife select one of the destinations and hide the ring under the cap associated with the honeymoon spot.

Instantly, you will know which cap the ring is hidden under. This gives you the power to do a killer cold reading because even if you miss on the reading you can close with the destination. This is one of the most powerful routines you’ll ever do. In Rogers hands this is unbelievable!

    Mac King-“Totally amazing! Red Caps…I thought you said Fred Kaps! I watched the routine five times without even a clue!”

  Michael Close Michael Close- “This is a real fooler!”

  As reviewed by Michael Close for Magic Magazine

  I find myself in an interesting ethical dilemma this month. On the one hand, my commitment to you is to review products honestly and without bias. On the other hand, there are several products this month that are so good that I would just as soon keep all information about them to myself. Ah, well.

I don’t recall ever featuring an individual trick as the leadoff item for this column. Roger Monaco’s “Killer Red Caps” deserves that honor, because it is one of the cleverest close-up routines I’ve seen in years. This trick is already in the repertoires of some of the top professionals in the country, and I suspect that the “Killer Red Caps” will be the hot topic of conversation in magic clubs and on the Internet.

So, what’s the effect? The magician brings out five small red, plastic caps. These caps resemble the caps you’d find on the top of a spray can of WD-40 oil. The magician also brings out a grape Lifesaver. While the magician’s back is turned, a spectator places the grape Lifesaver under any of the five caps and then mixes the caps around on the tabletop. The magician turns around and immediately tells the spectator which cap the Lifesaver is under. This can be repeated. The magician then brings out a cherry Lifesaver, and again turns his back. The spectator places the cherry Lifesaver under one cap and the grape Lifesaver under another, and again mixes the caps. The magician turns around and correctly identifies the position of each Lifesaver. For the finale, the magician brings out a quarter. The magician turns his back and the spectator is instructed to place one of the three objects (grape Lifesaver, cherry Lifesaver, or quarter) under any of the caps and then mix the caps around. He is then to pick up the remaining two objects, one in each hand. The magician turns around, correctly identifies which object is under the cap (and where it is) and correctly identifies the locations of the two objects the spectator holds. The “Killer Red Caps” is a routine that demands repetition, and with each repetition it becomes more and more baffling. Intelligent spectators (and those that aren’t so bright) go nuts over this because they can handle the props and there is nothing to discover. When Bob Kohler demonstrated this for me, I was completely fooled.

Now, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that absolutely everything can be examined: the caps, the Lifesavers, the quarter – everything. The bad news is that this is not a self-working trick; it is going to take some time and effort to learn to do it correctly every time. The skill that needs to be developed is not one of dexterity, it is more an acquisition of acuity and sensitivity. You’re going to have to live with this trick for a while, and you’re going to have to try it in a variety of performance conditions to gain the confidence to make it work consistently. I’m delighted that this is the case, because a lot of people are going to buy this trick, play with it, get discouraged, throw it in the magic drawer, and move on to something else. Great. (Be sure to read this paragraph again, because I don’t want you to come crying to me when you can’t get this thing to work the very first time you try it.)

You are provided with the necessary red caps and an instructional manuscript. Bob Kohler has developed several methods to help you learn how to identify the position of the hidden objects, which should help decrease your learning curve. Also included in the manuscript are several routines, including the one described above (created by Kohler and Seth Kramer) and an excellent cold reading application by Roger Monaco.

The “Killer Red Caps” is a great trick. The props fit in your pocket, allowing you to drive people crazy wherever you are. I highly recommend it, and I’m already sorry that I’ve told you about it.

Michael Close
Killer Red Caps
Killer Red Caps
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Killer Red Caps
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Killer Red Caps
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  • Killer Red Caps
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