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Animated Shoelaces by Jeremy Moncrief

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Animated Shoelaces by Jeremy Moncrief

Special ends soon! The magician unties the laces on one of his shoes. Visibly and incredibly, the laces re-tie themselves! Animated Shoelaces is one of the most amazing tricks you can perform for a modern audience. Plus, it's easy to do!

Works with any tie-style shoe and the trick resets instantly. Have it ready to go and perform it anywhere. You can even perform Animated Shoelaces in shorts!

New Format! Animated Shoelaces is now available on disc in digital format. Filled with step-by-step pictures, Animated Shoelaces is simple and direct—learn it in minutes. It includes everything you need to perform the trick (except shoes and laces). Next time you stop to tie your shoe, give the people around you a show!

Animated Shoelaces by Jeremy Moncrief
 • Customer Reviews: Animated Shoelaces by Jeremy Moncrief!
Animated Shoelaces by Jeremy Moncrief
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Animated Shoelaces by Jeremy Moncrief
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!– Narendra Singh (INDIA)
Animated ShoeLaces has two unique & most important features: (a) The effect is noiseless and requires no special gimmick. (b) Instant and automatic re-set. I tried out the ‘Animated ShoeLaces’ effect exactly as suggested in the manuscript by Mr. Jeremy Moncrief. After a few initial trial runs, the effect looked smooth and perfect. I tried it on a few laymen including a couple of magician friends and they were floored. The Animated ShoeLaces is an ultra visual effect which can be performed in either shorts or full pants and is absolutely silent in operation. The shoelace that one sees untied is the actual shoelace that ends up knotted. Once the shoe is prepared, you are always set & ready to perform the effect by simply pulling the laces to the untied position. It is possible and easy to rig most shoes with laces. The Animated ShoeLaces trick can easily be turned into a séance effect with a little imagination, spectator handling and by creating the right environment especially at a home party.The lace can be shown slowly knotting itself in a very spooky & magical way. This trick can be repeated ‘n' number of times and it will always turns out exactly the same. Automatic re-set, right in front of the spectators, is its best feature. Downside: (a) The shoe lace can not be examined - before, during & after the effect. (b) The effect can not be performed surrounded but this isn’t a major drawback as the effect can only be viewed from the front. The Animated ShoeLaces has a great impact on the spectator(s) as the effect looks very magical. A lot of thought has gone into creating this wonderful effect. I congratulate Mr. Jeremy Montcrief and Mr. David Mann for releasing this brilliant piece of magic.
Animated Shoelaces by Jeremy Moncrief
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Animated Shoelaces by Jeremy Moncrief
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  • Animated Shoelaces by Jeremy Moncrief
     • Magic Help Forum: Animated Shoelaces by Jeremy Moncrief!
    Buy it Now! $29.95 $9.00       

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