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The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!
Card Wax Combo Pack

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Card Wax Combo Pack

Introducing the most deceptive means to perform floating, spinning, levitating card effects! This specially formulated red and blue wax vanishes on the back of playing cards, so you can perform in a variety of lighting conditions without exposing your wax!

The Card Wax Combo Pack features an amazing new wax that's softer than traditional magician's wax, making it a pleasure to apply. In addition to your favorite levitations, you can also use it to secretly stick two cards together, ditching, loading, and the famous Card on Ceiling, now better than ever!

Red and blue to match the hue!
High-grade wax for professional results!
Easy carry containers a breeze to use!
PLUS Card Colors Invisible Thread FREE!

Included in the Card Wax Combo Pack is a full supply of this wonderful new wax, both red and blue. Made to work with a broad-range of back designs and colors, Card Wax will blend in perfectly with most popular playing card brands. If you use cards, you'll never want to be without Card Wax!

PLUS Card Colors Invisible Thread! Also with your purchase of the Card Wax Combo Pack, you'll receive five feet of Card Color Invisible Thread Blue and five feet of Card Color Invisible Thread Red, the perfect combination for serious PK magic!

Also available in Black and White...

Card Wax FACE UP Combo Pack! Introducing the most deceptive means to perform floating, spinning, levitating card effects, FACE UP! These specially formulated waxes vanish on the black pips and white face of playing cards, so you can perform in a variety of lighting conditions without exposing your wax! Read more...
Card Wax Combo Pack
 • Customer Reviews: Card Wax Combo Pack!
Card Wax Combo Pack
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Card Wax Combo Pack
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!– Wilhelm Eberhard
Other wonderful effect you can perform with giant cards and card wax is "MARVELLO", from lesson 15 in the Tarbell course on magic. All you need is have an extra card stuck with wax on top, so you could deal the two cards as one, instead of transferring a card from the bottom to the top using a side slip, which is impractical with giant cards (the second time you deal face down, when you take the card at the chosen number, you separate the double card and deal normally). Wax also allows you to perform perfect double and triple turnovers with giant cards.
Card Wax Combo Pack
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!– Wilhelm Eberhard
I love this to do double push off second deals!!! You can even raise the deck and show the face of the double card after each push off, then lower the deck again and deal the second card of the pair! All you need is a really tiny amount of this wax in the face of the top card, just under the spot where your left thumb lies when pushing the top card for the deal. And you can easily get the wax there, by simply controlling the chosen card to the bottom and then transferring the wax to it. Then, you cut the card to the top and perform the deal... And any wax residue will not be seen as the colour matches the card back. Oh I love this thing!!! Chosen Card at any number using such a perfect double deal that you can show the face of the card each time you deal... This thing is like a dream come true. :)
Card Wax Combo Pack
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!– Wilhelm Eberhard
I just wanted to mention that this wax makes possible a perfect double push off second deal with no effort. Simply aplying wax to its face near the left outer corner, exactly under the spot where your thumb will lie when pushing the cards for the deal will allow you to push the two top cards as one with great ease and deal the bottom card of the pair. The wax will hold the two cards together during the push off, but will not prevent you from taking the second card easily. Just don't press the cards too tight and make sure to use wax that matches the colour of the back of the deck, so any residue will not be noticed. The waxed card is retracted over the deck, squared with it and can be used to push double cards as much as you want. A really small amount of "card wax" (maybe the size of the head of the screws used in eye glasses) will allow you to continue pushing double cards as much as you want. And you can also used the waxed card as a key card, as you can easily locate two cards stuck together. You can use this "Pip Wax Double Push off Second Deal" to perform a "chosen card at any number" effect. Control the chosen card to the bottom and apply wax to its face near the left outer corner, exactly under the spot where your thumb will lie when pushing the cards. Cut the card to the top and perform the second deal. Cover the wax on the face with your finger when turning over and displaying the card. You may remove the wax easily and, if the chosen card happens to be a court card, you might not even need to to it.
Card Wax Combo Pack
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!– Wilhelm Eberhard
This is just to mention that the red wax happens to be wonderful because: 1. It hides very effectively in the red pips of the cards. If you want to work with giant cards and perform double lifts or create impromptu double back cards, try using cards such as the 4, 6, 10, etc of hearts or diamonds. Place the red wax pellets on the card pips and you are ready! 2. It is perfect to create pink wax that hides in the fingernails and can be used to anchor invisible thread. Just mix it with flesh coloured wax or regular wax, and you will get the right colour to anchor thread in your nails. 3. You can sew a little piece of regular red sewing thread to a red sponge ball and stick a pellet of red wax to the thread, so the thread entangles in the wax. Now you have a sponge ball that can stick to items, ready to be produced or vanished. 4. Do you remember the old vanish of a coin using a pellet of wax stuck to a corner of a handkerchief? To secure the wax in a red or blue silk, sew a small piece of regular sewing thread matching the colour of the handkerchief through the corner. Entangle the loose thread in a piece of coloured wax. This way, the wax will not fall from the handkerchief (which may happen if you simply stick the wax to it). Place any small object in the centre of the handkerchief. Fold the four corners over it sticking the wax to the object. Take the handkerchief by the middle of of a side, pulling it so that the corner stuck to the object will end in your right and and the other corner will end in your left hand, and display the empty centre of the handkerchief. The object is now ready for palming and the handkerchief thus prepared is still ready to use over and over again, and you don't need to care about the wax falling from it or being noticed.
Card Wax Combo Pack
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!– Wilhelm Eberhard
This wax solves many existing problems of several magic effects: 1. Double lifts and false counts in impossible conditions such as with giant cards or throwing (even spinning) cards: Just stick 2 very small pellets of this wax to the "sky" area in the bicycle cards (next to the angel riding the bicycle). The wax will not be seen in this area. Any other card will adhere to the back of this card with a little pressure and they can be handled as one card. In the past, the sole method available to do this was wetting the card back with saliva, which is impractical and not hygienic, as you may carry germs to your mouth. Not to mention that it looks horrible if spectator see you take the saliva. With this wax you may easily try effects such as "Impromptu Location", from chapter 8 ("Discoveries") in Expert Card Technique. You can also create impromptu double face and double back cards with this wax for uses such as H.I.Christ's "The Perfect Force", described in chapter VII of Hugard's Encyclopedia of Card Tricks. 2. Broken threads prepared to perform Whirling Card: The traditional anchor requires the thread to be stuck behind your ear and the wax fixed in a shirt button or anywhere in front of your body. This preparation cannot be carried on you all day long because you will eventually catch the thread with your hands (when washing hands, brushing teeth or crossing the hands for any other reason) and break the tread. Using this thread, the anchor is fixed in the card and stays in the card as long as you need. This wax solves the problem by hiding both the anchor and the thread on the back of any card. Instead of using a long thread anchored to your ear, use a short thread (about 10 inches long) and anchor the thread to your left thumb nail with a pellet of flesh coloured wax. Catch the thread between your fingers and you may make the card rise and descend between the hands by extending the thumb to pull the thread. You may simply hide the preparation by having other card stuck to the back of the card carrying the anchor and you can still force the card prepared to spin using a Hindu Shuffle force, Cross Cut force, etc. In any case, you can simply hide both thread and anchor on the back of a card. 3. Finally, a card hiding a pellet of this wax may be used to steal a coin covered with it, or may be loaded with any item that can be separated inserting other card between the object and the card, for very clean coin, dice or small item productions, or penetrations in which a duplicated item is released from under the card while the item on top of it is stolen by other prepared card. 4. The wax pellet may be easily hidden in the back of any card case picturing the back of the card, or in any area printed blue or red.
Card Wax Combo Pack
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  • Card Wax Combo Pack
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