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Genii Magazine March 2009
NEW! Genii Magazine March 2009 $6.00
Genii Magazine February 2009
NEW! Genii Magazine February 2009 $6.00
Magic Magazine February 2009
NEW! Magic Magazine February 2009 $6.00
Twisted Blizzard w/ DVD - JB
NEW! Twisted Blizzard w/ DVD - JB $29.95
Deface by Chastain Criswell w/DVD
NEW! Deface by Chastain Criswell w/DVD $14.95
Barely Chewed by Chastain Criswell
NEW! Barely Chewed by Chastain Criswell $9.95
Card Fountain Deluxe w/Remote Control***
NEW! Card Fountain Deluxe w/Remote Control*** $324.95
Card College #1 CD-ROM by Roberto Giobbi
NEW! Card College #1 CD-ROM by Roberto Giobbi $29.95
Magic With Everyday Objects DVD
NEW! Magic With Everyday Objects DVD $9.95
Magic With Cards DVD
NEW! Magic With Cards DVD $12.95
Flash Cards by Kerry Summers
NEW! Flash Cards by Kerry Summers $29.95
Magic With Sponge Balls DVD
NEW! Magic With Sponge Balls DVD $9.99
Lessons In Magic - Tamariz
NEW! Lessons In Magic - Tamariz $69.95
Invisible Thread Kit PLUS Book & DVD
NEW! Invisible Thread Kit PLUS Book & DVD $79.95 $44.00
Shattered Hearts by Chris Brent
NEW! Shattered Hearts by Chris Brent $29.95
Intelligent Design by Jason Messina
NEW! Intelligent Design by Jason Messina $29.95
Telepathy in Action by Orville Meyer***
NEW! Telepathy in Action by Orville Meyer*** $29.95
Tiger Stripe Camo Invisible Thread
NEW! Tiger Stripe Camo Invisible Thread $19.95 $12.95
Hard Boiled Ultimate Egg Bag
NEW! Hard Boiled Ultimate Egg Bag $34.95
Genii Magazine January 2009
NEW! Genii Magazine January 2009 $6.00
MAGIC Magazine - January 2009
NEW! MAGIC Magazine - January 2009 $6.00
Genii Magazine December 2008
NEW! Genii Magazine December 2008 $10.00
Magic Carvings-Houdini Tux
NEW! Magic Carvings-Houdini Tux $49.95
Magic Carvings-Houdini w/Bobbies
NEW! Magic Carvings-Houdini w/Bobbies $49.95
Invisible Thread Color Options
NEW! Invisible Thread Color Options $6.95 $3.00
Vortex PK Pro Ring PLUS FREE PK Ring DVD
NEW! Vortex PK Pro Ring PLUS FREE PK Ring DVD $59.90 $49.95
The Bat Magazine CD-ROM
NEW! The Bat Magazine CD-ROM $49.95
Revelation by Dai Vernon***
NEW! Revelation by Dai Vernon*** $84.95
New Pentagram Magazine CD-Rom
NEW! New Pentagram Magazine CD-Rom $39.95
My Two Kids Cards 10 Pack
NEW! My Two Kids Cards 10 Pack $4.95
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