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The Top Ten Best Selling Magic Tricks!
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!
REVEALED! All Seven Secret Magic Bundles
We hide SECRET MAGIC throughout the site. These special collections are a mystery to most visitors, yet revealed to newsletter subscribers as each bundle is released. $1132.55 $534

SAVE! Animated Shoelaces
The magician unties the laces on one of his shoes. Visibly and incredibly, the laces re-tie themselves! Animated Shoelaces is one of the most amazing tricks you can perform... $29.95 $9.00

TONS OF MATERIAL! Jacks Win (Magic Without Hypnosis Disc)
JACK'S WIN! The complete Magic Without Hypnosis, now on one convenient disc. With Additional Ideas by Stuart "Harrizon" Cassels. Including, Don't Play Cards With Me: An Amazing... $49.95 $19.95

SAVE $195! Hypnosis & NLP Secrets for Stage and Street
NLP secrets revealed! This comprehensive two-disc training package teaches everything you will ever need to know about Neuro Linguistic Programming and NLP-based Hypnotism... $224.95 $34.95

VALUE! Shimpossible HALF Deck (26 Shim Cards)
Tired of buying Shim Cards one or two at a time for $10 each? Now you can have a HALF DECK of 26 Shimmed Cards at one low bulk price. Red or Blue... $260.00 $49.95

Balloon Zombie Gimmick AIR STICK PRO:
Balloon Zombie Gimmick
The capillary action of the gimmick allows the magician to deflate the balloon as part of their routine. $34.95 $19.95

Sutterbee's Fine Magician's Rope Sutterbee's Fine! Magician's Rope
High-quality, professional grade rope for magicians. Sutterbee's Fine Magicians Rope is... $24.95 $19.95

SAVE! Sands of the Desert HYBRID
The most versatile Sands of the Desert sand ever created. The pourable power of Synthetics combined with the stir-crazy endurance of Waxed Sands. $99.95 $70

A WHOLE ACT! STAT Bleeding Needles First-Aid Kit
Imagine blood curdling magic, on the go, anywhere, anytime STAT! It's the portable, pocket-size Needle Thru Arm! Select a... $99.95 $50

POPULAR! Invisible Thread Color Options
More venues than ever with Invisible Thread Color Options! Perform your favorite invisible thread magic in a variety of lighting conditions with your choice of... $6.95 $3.00

HALF PRICE! Invisible Elastic Thread (300 Feet)
Super thin and stretchy Invisible Elastic Thread! From ghostly touches across the room to moving objects with your mind... $19.95 $9.95

SPECIAL FX! SandScript
Make an impression! With SandScript, create ghostly versions of your business card, or kick sand across a sheet of paper with your fingers as footprints appear... $24.95 $9.95

ONE DOLLAR DOWNLOADS! MRGADFLY - Journal for Card Magicians
Articles and card tricks by some of the biggest names in magic, many of them before they became famous. Including... $7.50 $1

Behold the Scarabaeus
A borrowed cell phone VISUALLY penetrates a borrowed water bottle. Sealed inside, it must be removed at knifepoint! It's Impossible Phone Booth...$49.95 $34.95

Stripper Deck (Bicycle) DOZEN
BULK SUPPLY for pitchmen, magic shops, or serious performers who use a lot of Stripper Decks... $120.00 $60.00

Old World Cannibal Facemask SAVE $150! Old World Cannibal Facemask
One can imagine the mask's cold steel and fleshy leather straps hammered together in the distant echo of screams. Hammered, freeform craftsmanship. $250.00 $99.00

Old World MINI Chain Escape ANYWEARABLE! Old World MINI Chain Escape
Wear it. Perform it. Escape from the everyday! The MINI is a bracelet, an anklet, and a Thumb Chain all rolled into one piece of beautiful, wearable magic. $39.95 $29.95

SAVE $1000!
Power Lady Zig Zag
Modern industrial design, fun and enchanting. Looks good on stage, and in your promo pics. $4995.00 $3995

DIGITAL! The Book That Casts no Reflection
Enter the bizarre world of Gregg Webb. Who, what, and where you are as a magician today will forever be in the past. The Webbmaster has control! $29.95 $19.95

Magic Wand Scrolls
Share the gift of magic with 100 of your biggest fans! Or 100 potential customers. Magic Wand Scrolls are an extraordinary giveaway at shows PLUS customizable business cards all in one... $119.85 $49.95

Street Art DVD by Bobby McMahan
Magic shouldn't feel like a dream. When created, practiced, and performed correctly, magic is real life. Our craziest thoughts made... $24.95 $9.95

BESTSELLER! Sands of the Desert VARIETY Pack (WAX)
Get ALL NINE different color Wax Sands for ONE LOW PRICE! This isn’t a sample pack—you get the exact same amount of each color... $134.95 $95

From the makers of the Shimpossible Deck comes a collection of powerful tools to energize your PK magic.$149.95 $74.95

POOR BOY! The Penny Pincher
A super-versatile Coin Delivery System, Poor Boy style! The Penny Pincher was designed for pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars... $24.95 $14.95

MASSIVE DISCOUNT! Pros Only: Extreme Magic Collection
SAVE $200! What do you get the magician that has everything? This year, there's only one answer. Wrap it up, put it under the tree, and watch them drool over an endless... $600.00 $400

COLLECTABLE! Perfect Balance Magic Wand (Stainless Steel)
If you hold one, you'll buy two! These amazing magic wands are handcrafted from solid stainless steel. Virtually indestructible. Unbendable. Virtually... $69.95 $54.95

FEATURED ON BKS! Mental Marker FX Juice 3-N-ONE
Magicians performed Ash on Arm with the same old stuff for decades. But the release of the Mental Marker Special Effects Pen a few years ago changed... $29.95 $14.95

EXCLUSIVE! Daub Noir Copper Cheater's Grease
Peek behind the curtain and look into the past. Under penalty of brutal beatings and a slow death, crooked gamblers in the golden age used... $54.95 $10

The Top Ten Best Selling Magic Tricks!
The Magic Depot, Online Magic Shop FREE Shipping Worldwide!
A lone yellow link, inspected by the audience, magically connects to a length of ordinary silver chain. Beautiful. Baffling. $49.95 $39.95

Grayson Super Size Spirit Slates
Ghostly spirit slates now larger than life! Take your audience on a journey to the unknown... $599.00

Shadow Tent Illusion by Creative Magic ONE LEFT!
Shadow Tent Illusion
I dont want other magicians to have this, I would like to be the only one. - Mac King $2000.00 $1500

Invisible Paint Illusion ONE LEFT! Invisible Paint
A Square Circle that is also a Phantom Tube, made to look like a paint can. Now, pulling colors out of a tube makes sense! $1000.00 $700

Creative Tablecase FIVE AVAILABLE! Creative Magic Tablecase
The last product Creative Magic ever made, NEVER RELEASED to the general magic community. Your last chance to own one. $1200.00 $700

Head Twister Kit ONE LEFT! Head Twister Kit
One of Creative Magic's final products, a "surprise" Helmet Head Twister Kit. $700.00 $500

Pandora Bag (small) SIX IN STOCK! Pandora Bag (small)
What makes this bag so different from most force bags is the bag starts out completely empty... $150.00 $75

Pandora Bag SUPER TWO LEFT! Pandora Bag SUPER
What makes this bag so different from most force bags is the bag starts out completely empty... $150.00 $75

Victory Cubes Grand Illusion SIX IN STOCK! Victory Cubes
Instantly transform an auditorium into a Vegas showroom. "The most versatile prop I have ever bought. Unlike some illusions...$800.00 $500

Asrah Illusion SAVE HUNDREDS! Asrah Illusion
One of the easiest illusions EVER! Yet, one of the most amazing. Simple. Beautiful magic... $895.00 $499

PLUS TABLE! Asrah Levitation and Vanish
Welcome to the main attraction! The centerpiece to any show, the pride of any collection.$3695

versatiliKEY (Duplicate, Bend, & Bite) versatiliKEY!
Duplicate, Bend, & Bite
Powerful card, coin, and key magic packed into one versatile key-shaped tool. $34.95

Fish Wishery!
Mirrored Aquarium Puck
The same scientific principle of The Fish Wishery, more versatile than ever! $44.95

The Dance by Brad Henderson Third Edition EXPANDED! The Dance Third Edition by Brad Henderson
Cold reading is a dance. Choreography invisible to the listener, leaving the audience unaware of the process, memories rewritten... $59.95

TRYlogy of Sands! TRYlogy of Sands!
Synthetic, Waxed, and Hybrid
Now, it's easier and cheaper than ever before! Each color is a different type of treated sand. $49.95

The PK PAD appears solid and seamless. Its rubber feet elevate the oak table topper proving there is no room for... $200

CHOP ONE! Chop One Coffee Mugs
Order up! Three matching coffee mugs, chop one. Thats two regular mugs, and a third with a magnet hidden off-center... $74.95

Suit Up! The Corporate Card Noose
Loosen your tie and Suit Up! Collar a chosen card using The Corporate Card Noose in this formal demonstration of mind over attire.$34.95

A BESTSELLER! Old World Siberian Chain Escape PLUS DVD
Tired of toy store chain escapes that leave your audience in doubt? Lock up and throw away the key!$59.95

SALE! FX Juice 3-N-ONE
Magicians performed Ash on Arm with the same old stuff for decades. But the release of the Mental Marker Special Effects Pen changed all that... $19.95 $14.95

Festival Magic by Kyle Peron
his 110+ page book is jammed full of the most relevant information you could ever ask for in regards to working... $40.00 $29.95

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