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magic trick Behold the Scarabaeus (30 reviews)
A borrowed cell phone VISUALLY penetrates a borrowed water bottle. Sealed inside, it must be removed at knifepoint! It's Impossible Phone Booth by the incredible mind of newcomer Kevin Cramer and The Magic Depot's latest creation! Borrow a cell phone from the audience or use your own. Also borrow a bottle of water from the audience and pour out any remaining contents. The cell phone visually penetrates the plastic bottle, falling inside a watery tomb! • Powerful magic all bottled up! • Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Vortex PK Pro Ring, BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! (29 reviews)
FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! Buy a Vortex PK Pro Ring and I will GIVE YOU ANOTHER ONE FREE! Checkout with as many as you want to purchase and I will double your ring order FREE! Limit six FREE rings per customer. Take the world by STORM and attract HUGE reactions! Polarized on the curve, not the edge like other rings, The Vortex directs its power towards the item under your control at all times! A revolutionary advance in magnetic rings by the original distributors of PK Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Wizard PK Ring (19 reviews)
You're always a magician, not just when it's convenient. You're on call to impress even when you don't have the needed props. Truth is you want tools that empower you to do magic anytime, anywhere, for any situation. I have the solution, the all new Wizard PK Ring! Maybe you'll use the all-new Wizard PK Ring to get a promotion, book your next gig, or pick up that chick at the end of the bar. Bottom line, the Wizard PK Ring is a must have. Once worn, never taken off! The Wizard PK Ring is a Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Electric Touch by Yigal Mesika (18 reviews)
The dark black ripple of audience reactions spread across the universe at your command! Become the most powerful magician in the world with the power of Electric Touch by Yigal Mesika! It takes but an imaginative story to transport your audience from the normal everyday to a place where you are the ultimate sorcerer. Just a few hundred years ago magicians whispered in the ears of kings; take back your birthright with this shocking new trick by Yigal Mesika and Zeev Fleischman! While using Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Spider Pen by Yigal Mesika (DISCONTINUED) (18 reviews)
A 2005 international BEST SELLER! This is the next generation Invisible Thread Reel. It sold out at every convention in the US! Powered by a silent electric motor, you’re finally free from the tangles of springs, rubber bands, and safety pins. It literally takes ten seconds to refill this reel! Don’t forget, Spider Pen writes just like a real pen and its ink is 100% refillable! Spider Pen includes batteries to power the silent motor and 25 feet of the new better-than-Kevlar Spider Thread; Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Folding Quarter (BITE OUT) by Roy Kueppers (17 reviews)
Effect: A coin is borrowed from a spectator, and a piece is bitten from the coin. The coin is shown in full view with the piece missing. The magician draws attention to the bitten coin and spits the missing piece back at the coin. Instantly, the coin is restored to its original state. The coin can then be handed back to the spectator. Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Super Sharpie by Magic Smith (15 reviews)
Imagine asking a spectator to think of any number. You write a prediction on the back of your business card. When they say their number, you turn over your card and it matches. Every time! Does magic get any more direct than this? Now you can predict a spectator’s freely thought of name, number, date, age - even the amount of change in their pocket. The list goes on and on - and your reputation will only grow and grow! All this is possible with the Super Sharpie. The Super Sharpie is a Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Invisible Deck (Bicycle) (15 reviews)
The magician takes "two" decks from his pocket and sets them on the table - one deck is real and one deck is invisible. A spectator is asked by the magician to pick any card from the imaginary invisible deck giving them a completely free choice. The magician then asks the spectator to name outloud the card they chose. The visible deck is then removed from the box and spread out face up to reveal one face down card in the face up deck. When the card is turned over, it is the freely selected card. Read More!

magic trick
magic trick D'Lite (regular) Pair 2 Pack (12 reviews)
Produce infinite lights from thin air! They come and go as you please! A must have for any magician! Easy illusion for beginners, and a standard for your stage show. You are in complete control! Produce a bright LED light from your fingertips whenever you want! Disappears at your command! Light comes from your EMPTY hand, plucked from space. With two of these, you can pass light from hand to hand, vanish and reappear at your discretion. A staple item in the acts of professional magician world Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Entourage by Gordon Bean (11 reviews)
After a decade in development, Gordon Bean is ready for the general release of Entourage! Many notable performers served as test audiences at the Magic Castle and ALL have reacted with the sort of enthusiasm reserved for only the very strongest walk-around items. Criss Angel calls Entourage "@#%$& awesome!" David Regal says "Bravo!" And after witnessing it first hand, Cyril said "This Kills!" You can get the same reactions and your very own Entourage! With a legitimately free choice, a Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Prohibition DVD (10 reviews)
Borrow a normal beer or soda bottle from someone—anybody—at a bar, restaurant, party, or whatever. Grab a couple caps off the bar and give them to the participants to examine; one that will end up inside the bottle and one to cap the bottle with to keep the bottle secured. Hold the bottle in your hand, snap the cap on the bottom once, twice, and bang! It's inside! Immediately hand the bottle back to the spectator for examination; you are totally and unequivocally clean. Believe it. It is that Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Invisible Elastic Thread Loops (9 reviews)
Manufactured by Close-Up Specialist Yigal Mesika in Israel. These invisible thread loops are strong enough to move objects and stretch to ten inches without breaking. These Loops are worn on your wrist all day, without snagging or breaking. • PRACTICAL Magic Made Easy! • Move Silverware! • Perfect Crazy Man's Hand-Cuffs! • Levitate Objects! • Impromptu Rising Cards! • Defy Gravity! Each package contains FIVE Loops and detailed instructions with 15 illustrations! Read More!

magic trick
magic trick 13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda (8 reviews)
One of our best Books to date! Includes details on: * Swami Gimmick-This gimmick makes it possible to make written predictions. Explained are the various types of gimmicks which exist, their uses and their applications (24 effects). * Pencil Lip Sound & Muscle Reading- Thanks to movements that most of us aren't aware of making, you can learn to perform incredible effects. * Mnemonics and Mental Systems- To the mentalist, properly used memory systems are indispensable. You can give Read More!

magic trick
magic trick D'Lite Blue by Rocco 2 Pack (7 reviews)
See Rocco's Best selling Lite from anywhere in a whole new light......Blue light to be exact! This great crowd pleaser is now available in blue light pairs. Produce infinite lights from thin air! They come and go as you please! A must have for any magician! Easy illusion for beginners, and a standard for your stage show. You are in complete control! Produce a bright LED light from your fingertips whenever you want! Disappears at your command! Light comes from your EMPTY hand, plucked from Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Ultimate Marked Deck (Bicycle) DISCONTINUED (7 reviews)
We also sell the Ted Lesley Marked Deck. Finally, the marked deck you've been dreaming of! You will be light years ahead of your spectators when you can identify ANY card without ever seeing its face. No preparation is required, and they are printed on the Bicycle Rider Back cards by the United States Playing Cards Company. Leave your audience completely amazed! All the qualities of the ideal marked deck are brought together in the Ultimate Marked Deck... • Identify any card without Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Boxing Ring Undefeated by Aaron Smith (7 reviews)
Round TWO armed with all-new instructions! Described in detail step-by-step. You'll discover magic in every part of this amazing kit. Aaron Smith's Boxing Ring Undefeated is ready to go, hassle FREE! The durable re-construction is made to last. Pure visual impact lands a fatal blow... A borrowed ring is placed securely inside a small presentation box, but the magician is able to conjure the ring. Mystically it appears linked on a long silk string. The ring vanishes, appears, penetrates the Read More!

magic trick
magic trick The Miser's Cup (Dream Come True) (7 reviews)
Certainly a dream come true for collectors! But not content under glass, The Miser's Cup is also a practical addition to your show. Shiny enough for stage! Small enough for closeup! Precision and price meet sudden impact. The Miser's Cup looks every part the original. Whisking your audience back and forth in amazement! With this gimmicked Miser's Cup, you'll produce coin after coin! The Miser's Dream closeup style! Toss each coin into the bucket and effortlessly produce another at your Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Old World Siberian Chain Escape PLUS DVD (7 reviews)
Tired of toy store chain escapes that leave your audience in doubt? Lock up and throw away the key! The Old World Siberian Chain Escape will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. A sure-fire hit, bound to make an impression! The Siberian Chain Escape is the oldest, most reliable chain escape available to magicians. It's virtually self-working (though you do have a hand in it). The problem is, today's mass produced SCE—as it is known to magicians and escape artists—is a feeble chain, Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Big Bang by Magic Smith (7 reviews)
The ultimate PK demonstration! Any light bulb, sealed in a clear bag, shatters at your command! You don't even have to touch the bulb. Impossible conditions, maximum impact, and no messy cleanup! Demonstrate the power of your mind! Place any ordinary light bulb in a clear plastic bag and seal it, tamper-proof. Concentrate all of your mental energy on the bulb and it explodes at your command! Hand out the bag of glass for inspection and totally fry your audience! • Use any light bulb! • Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Pimpernel Wallet Killer Combo (7 reviews)
From England’s Peter Scarlett comes one of the most unassuming close-up weapons ever devised! It looks like a regular wallet, it feels like a regular wallet - indeed, it even functions like a regular wallet - but when the time comes, you’re ready to level an audience, and the wallet does all the work! Although mechanically very different, it performs all the functions of a Himber Bombshell wallet. A wallet is placed on the table. A spectator then chooses a card from a red-backed deck and Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Vox Box by Magic Smith (7 reviews)
Everyone is begging you to do a trick. You want to really impress these people. You want miracles to pour, flooding the room with mystery. Borrow a ring, coin, or have a card selected and signed. Instantly the object, ANY OBJECT, vanishes and appears inside the card case! Vox Box gives you the power to do the trick again! Under near-impossible conditions, right in front of the spectator's face, the item vanishes and appears inside the case! Only Vox Box provides instant reset! Vox Box is Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Rocky Raccoon Real Fur Spring Animal (7 reviews)
The genuine Rocky Raccoon real fur Spring Animal will greatly increase your booking potential! Rocky is a killer addition to your commando act; let Rocky loose in any venue! Big name magicians have proved audiences of all ages, worldwide love Rocky! The extremely well made Rocky Raccoon real fur Spring Animal can build a reputation for you in an instant! He eats from your hand, sits up, nods yes or no, jumps from your hands, and even boogies! He's a super simple-to-operate critter, each Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Flesh Wound by Magic Smith (7 reviews)
Get under their skin with Flesh Wound! The most gruesome, most graphic, most disgusting magic trick ever! Forget needle or knife through arm; capture their attention with something they’ll never forget! Borrow a knife and cut straight into your arm! Blood oozing from the wound! Carve out a good chunk and peel the skin away until it hangs there, a loose flap. Absolutely disgusting! But simply close the flap of skin and the Flesh Wound visibly HEALS ITSELF! Wipe away excess blood and you’re as Read More!

magic trick
magic trick PK Putty Combo Pack (7 reviews)
PK Putty is an easy to use ferromagnetic wax for shimming coins, cards, bills, plastic silverware, business cards, just about anything! This combo pack includes both sticky soft wax and hard anchor wax made ferromagnetic with iron additive. For use with general PK tricks, including PK ring applications. Use as supplied or mix soft and hard wax together for desired consistency. • Shim items on the fly! • Wax is very easy to control! • Becomes magnetic temporarily! • Convenient, pocket Read More!

magic trick
magic trick Bammo Monte Monster by Bob Farmer (6 reviews)
Bob Farmer has done it again. This is the best three card monte on the planet! Monarch of Montes! Sultan of Swindles! Lord of the Stings! Seven visually stunning monte phases - all different! perform Bammo Monte Monster surrounded (completly in your hands) without a table! It's perfect for walkaround both by effect and it resets automatically! IF YOU CAN FAN THREE CARDS, YOU CAN DO THIS TRICK! REMEMBER: If it doesn't say "Bammo," you're not getting the mega-maximum bang for your buck! Read More!

magic trick
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