Magic Shop: Meet The Magic Depot Family!
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The Magic Depot - Magic Shop - Free Shipping Worldwide!
The Magic Depot - Magic Shop - Free Shipping Worldwide!  
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Meet The Depot Family!
The Magic Depot is an industry leader. Our massive inventory, legendary policies, awesome prices, and free shipping worldwide separate us from the competition. And we do all this efficiently, with a small team of dedicated magicians and their families.

 • Aaron Smith - Owner & Magician
The Handbook of Magic by Marvin Kaye was my first magic book. Though it was published around the time I was born, it wasn't until 1980 that I got my copy. The dedication reads, "To my favorite dealer..." I learned then, that behind every great magician is a well-stocked magic shop.

 • Jenne Smith - Accounts and Finances
Jenne and I met in high school and have been together ever since. At The Depot, she makes certain vendors get paid, distributors pay us, and the books balance. Besides giving me two wonderful children, she's been there during every one of my endeavors. She means the world to me!

 • Aaron Thompson - Customer Service & Magician
I carefully selected Aaron as my replacement answering the phones and processing orders. Aaron has my authority to make mistakes only if he fixes them with unprecedented customer service, and the freedom to take action when I can't personally take care of the situation.

 • Sarah Daves - Project Assistant
Sarah assembles and produces our exclusive items with efficiency and accuracy, ensuring proper quality control. You'll see her in many of our upcoming DVD releases and demo videos, assisting with innovative new magic you'll only find at The Magic Depot!

 • Jerry Brewer - Warehouse Manager
Shipping packages all over the world with Depot accuracy is a difficult task, one suited for Jerry's expertise, having worked for a major U.S. courier. While new to magic, Jerry is a world-class ventriloquist and aided in our buyout of

 • Chris Marley - Shipping, Receiving, Magician
It's true; I have fewer employees than my competitors. The Magic Depot is smooth and efficient because of our talented employees. Marley can out-ship anyone. He keeps the logistics in his head and personally knows, [sincerely cares,] about the delivery of your package.

 • Alan Tan - Shipping, Receiving, & Magician
Your orders arrive fast and safe thanks to Alan. He pulls every order, packs them safely, and gets everything ready to go out the door. A magician for more than 5 years, Alan knows what it's like waiting for magic to arrive. He ensures your orders are delivered as fast as possible!

 • Joey Campbell - Production & Magician
Previously, Joey worked the showroom, but now he helps me in manufacturing, bringing to market new and exclusive products. A former Marine, Joey saw active combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He's new to magic, but has been dedicated to the art since day one!

 • Jim Moore - Development & Magician
Jim, a magician for thirty years, has one of the best Color Changing Knife routines in the world, and has performed it in most major countries during his mission tours. He is my constant reminder of what a magic shop should be and helped The Magic Depot grow in all the right directions.

The Magic Depot has really grown over the years, thanks to our loyal customers all over the world! We're serving customers with a smile, starting the moment you visit the web site and continuing long after your order arrives!

 • Over 4000+ items in stock with New Magic Arriving Daily!
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Magic Shop: Meet The Magic Depot Family!